Glass shelving

Glass is a contemporary and innovative material that has a large range of applications, like glass shelving.

Futureglass glass shelving is made from toughened glass allowing it to be able to take greater weights, we even sell glass shelving to support projectors and turntables.

The glass shelf is secured to the wall in one of two ways, depending on the requirements and size of the shelf we either use wall mounted brackets to hold you glass shelf or for larger shelves designed to take more weight we use a stainless steel fitting and wires to distribute the weight more evenly allowing your glass shelf to be fitted to the wall with a strong fixture that is sure to last.

Futureglass glass shelving is available with the same customisation options as our other products, allowing you to choose coloured glass, sandblasted glass or leave it clear for the stylish minimalist look.

Glass shelving is a modern approach to storage that looks great in any environment you place it in.

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