Glass Screening

Glass screens can provide a handy solution to a number of situations, for instance glass screens make for wonderful balcony balustrades due to the fact that unlike wooden balustrades or metal, glass screens are unobtrusive and allow you to see right through them leaving your balcony view entirely unspoiled.

Another benefit to glass screens is that unlike metal which rust unless properly cared for and wood which rots, glass is easy to maintain and clean and can last a lifetime unmarred.

Another perfect use for glass screens is a shower screen.

Glass shower screens can help keep your bathroom feeling open and big, unlike traditional curtains that tend to close off a section of the room, glass screens remain clear when not in use making the room seem larger but they steam up when the shower is in use allowing you the privacy you desire, glass screens are a contemporary alternative to more traditional methods of shower screening, and why stop at just a glass screen?

You can create entire glass shower enclosures using glass screens, built specifically for your bathroom.

Glass screens provide modern approaches to traditional situations and solve them with class and style.

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