Accessories for Hi Fi stands

If you consider yourself to be an audiophile, or are just interested in maximising the capabilities of your audio visual equipment, our Accessories range is exactly what you need.

We offer a selection of hi-fi accessories to improve the quality of your audio visual equipment, without compromising on aesthetics. Although our accessories might look small, they make a huge difference to your hifi sound quality.

Hifi spike shoes are placed under the feet of your home entertainment system. The double O-rings cancel out any vibrations which may filter from your hi fi into the unit. These hifi spike cups have been proven to reduce irritating vibrations and noises, so that your audio experience is not interrupted.

Our hifi stand cable management system allows you to conceal wires and cables behind a discreet acrylic screen that is fitted to an aluminium backing. This results in a clean and tidy audio visual unit that allows you to focus on the music or visual experience, without being distracted by wires.

This cable management system also offers hifi sound improvement. Along with other Futureglass audio visual products, the screen is precision engineered and features an innovative mounting system to prevent vibration.  

The hifi cable management solution can be fitted after you have set your television and audio equipment up. Installation is completely fuss-free. Just fit the aluminium screen to the rear legs of your unit and feed the wires through.

All Futureglass products are safety tested and designed by British designers. Our products are proudly manufactured in the United Kingdom.


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