Performance Hi Fi supports

Futureglass manufactures a wide range of products but we have a specialty in modular performance HI-FI stands.

Our HI-FI stands provide audiophiles with innovative racks that feature a vibration deadening design for stereo and audio equipment and also wall mounted turntables.

Our vibration smothering design allows you to get the very best in sonic performance from your equipment, because your equipment is only as good as your rack.

Futureglass HI-FI stands are designed and manufactured by specialist glass manufacturers who really understand music.

Our system works by having stainless steel, black or wood finish columns fit over stainless steel bonds that are UV bonded to the glass, UV bonding provides a strong secure bond that distributes weight across its entire surface reducing the risk of breaking significantly.

The bosses and the columns are then isolated from one another by a double set of vibration smothering “O” rings, which results in a robust stand that allows no room for movement between components.

Our products aren't just technically advanced however but also stylish contemporary designs.

We offer a combination of stainless steel, black or wood finishes which when mixed with our glass components result in an elegant minimalist design and the cleanest lines on the market.

We offer multiple glass types for our home entertainment stands including frosted glass, clear glass and even coloured glass so fitting in with your interior design scheme wont be an issue.

We can even offer 8.4mm Acoustilam glass.

Acoustilam glass is formed with an interlayer of highly effective vibration deadening PVB within the structure of the glass, airborne vibrations are removed by this vibration absorbing interlayer which stretches across the whole glass, not just the uprights.

And if that’s not enough choice we can supply HI-FI stands in bespoke colours, finishes and materials.

Our stands are modular giving you the added benefit of flexibility when it comes to choosing your HI-FI stand, we let you select the number of shelves you require but because we understand that not every piece of audio equipment is the same size we also allow you to choose the spacing between individual shelves.

So for innovative, technically advanced, stylish, custom HI-FI stands come to Futureglass.

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